7 Low Cost Design Ideas For Small Retail Spaces

Having a small retail shop means being strategic with the spaces you have. You need to know about the proper and attractive ways you can do with your designs. You can also consider having organized merchandise. To give you more ideas, here are some of the low cost design ideas for your small retail space:

  1. Painting the accent walls. Painting walls can give vibrancy to your space. You can start by painting the wall with a bold color. It is very effective design if you want to spice up your wall. It also makes your wall appear bigger than the usual. The bold color can create an impression of declining space. If you don’t like paint, you can also consider putting colourful printed fabric or wallpaper; it has the same effect.
  2. Window-like effects. You can try making your wall appear it has so many windows by putting large frames.  You can also consider cutting window spaces into the walls by separating the rooms. It is very comfortable and it creates an airy feeling. The best design you can do is to hang drapes or skinny mirrors to create space.
  3. Do the designing vertically. You can try displaying the items on different levels. The technique will allow you to maximize space and appeal better to your customers. You can consider hanging shelves on different levels to achieve a vertically effect. You can also mount drapes from the ceiling to the floor to draw attention; what I like about this is that it create an illusion of having a larger space.
  4. Avoid clutter design. You can avoid cluttering and start decluttering all the things you need. First, you must identify what should stay and what should go. When you are done, you can start by having neutral colors. Try to make you space elegant because it will create more space. You can use brightly colored items including vase and pillows.
  5. Try shelves to enhance space. Shelves can be very effective when it comes to making your wall wide. You can try a lot of creative displays or products, You can place paintings in an ornate frame to allow volume and edginess of you wall. You can also try putting large corkboard where you can pin your products.
  6. Having an open bookcases as dividers. Tall and open bookcases can be effective to divide spaces. You can have your display products to create an breezy feeling. What we like most about open bookcases is that it can be flexible. It will allow you to change the layout and merchandise easily.
  7. Illuminating your spaces. Lighting can help you achieve this. Lightning is very important in retail shop; you need to apply them in tight quarters. You must know that it is highly essential that your room is well lit to create a square footage look.

These are the best low cost design ideas for small retail spaces. You must know that having designs vary on costs, but you can always recycle! Don’t be too afraid to try things out. You may refer to this guide and then message us how you were able to style your retail space!

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