Glass Versus Acrylic Display Cases

A great deal of our clients ask the concern “Exactly what are the advantages or glass over acrylic” and “exactly what are the advantages of acrylic over glass” Well this actually boils down to exactly what utilize you are going to have for the screen cabinets.

Advantages of Acrylic Cases

Lets begin by noting a few of the advantages of Acrylic

Optically clearer than glass
Much easier to deal with to a tight due date
Less most likely to smash into 1000 pieces

Along with the above there are a number of crucial concerns we would suggest you ask prior to buying an acrylic case.

Holds true UV Bonded or Solvent Welded
Can it be protected onto the plinth

You might well ask exactly what is the value of these concerns, well lets take UV Bonding to start with, if you are searching for a optically clear joint then UV Bonding is the only method, This procedure includes utilizing expert devices that sets unique acrylic adhesives when subjected to UV light. There are a variety of security treatments that have to be considered when dealing with UV light, so this is something best delegated specialists. Although this offers the very best looking joint it is not the greatest technique.

If you are trying to find a strong technique of signing up with acrylic then solvent welding is the method forward. This essentially melts the two pieces of acrylic together to form a strong nearly solid sign up with. Once again the solvents utilized threaten items and need to just be utilized by skilled plastic producers. The downside of solvent welding acrylic is the sign up with has the tendency to end up being bubbly, depending upon the seriousness of the impact this is typically due to either tensions within the acrylic or the solvent attempting to leave from the joint.

Acrylic has the advantage of being light-weight, however this might indicate somebody simply gets the cabinet and takes it away with the contents, to assist stop this we have a series of acrylic cases that can be protected to the plinth, this not just aids with security, however by including a refund to the top of the plinth and an opposing action within the acrylic case the display case sits safely onto the plinth without having the ability to be knocked off, by somebody brushing past it. Safe and secure area onto a plinth is something that’s a should when acquiring acrylic display cases.

Advantages of Glass Cases

So above we have actually spoken about a few of the advantages and concerns you have to ask when taking a look at acrylic, now glass! Glass cabinets are something we have in our hire and purchase variety, they have the tendency to offer an appearance of high quality and are truly matched to high quality items that have to look valued.

So the advantages of glass are

High Scratch Resistance
Looks pricey, includes quality to quality items
Heavy, so for end users are much better matched to long-term screens
Strong optically clear joints

So when it pertains to buying glass cabinets exist any concerns you have to ask! well yes there is!

Am I trying to find a tidy museum appearance of UV bonding or aluminium frame work?
Is the glass strengthened?
Do I require Low Iron (optiwhite) glass
Does my insurance provider need high security Abloy Locks?
Can the Glass cabinet be protected to the plinth or stand?
Exists alternatives for lighting and can I include extra lights if needed?

If your unsure exactly what your trying to find, perhaps you require the answers to all the abovc concerns about acrylic and glass cases, then offer Ellie a call now to go over or email Ellie

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